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This year started with excellent events at UCL’s new School of Management on the 38th floor of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London and at the University of Kent where we visited the new Sibson Building, which brings together the Schools of Business and Mathematics into one building, the new Wigoder Law Clinic and Moot Court and the refurbishment and extension of the Templeman Library at the heart of the 1960’s campus. This was followed by a debate and discussion on the subject of “Is the Lecture Theatre Dead” at King’s College London’s recent refurbishment of Bush House.


Further events will be announced as they are confirmed. 


Current confirmed events are:  

2-Day Tour


New University Buildings in Copenhagen including the IT University, Tietgen College and the Maersk Tower

When:  3-4 May 2018
Where: Copenhagen
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A two-day tour of recent developments in Copenhagen’s university design quality comprising building tours by architects, clients and students.

Workshop on Place-making and Visit to the University of East Anglia


When: 5th June 2018

Where: Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia


How to book: TBC

Annual Conference 2018: University 2030


When: 28 June 2018

Where: University of London, Senate House and other venues


How to book:  TBC


Following on from the Discussion and Debate in February, the conference will consider the design of universities in challenging and uncertain times with ever-changing societal, economic, political and technological changes affecting learning and research.  Based primarily in Senate House, University of London, the conference will also include events in two new projects nearby, the Paul Webley Wing at SOAS and the new Bartlett School at UCL.

Day Visit


Visit to the University of Nottingham


When: 20 September 2018

Where: TBC

How to Book: TBC

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