Principles of Membership

Members of the Higher Education Design Quality Forum are valued for their professional expertise and contribution to the development of an understanding of design and its impact on Higher Education. The core criteria for membership of the Forum is that members should:
• Be active in Higher Education
• Engaged in providing professional services to Higher Education relating to the built environment.
It is a fundamental principle of the Forum that it is not a platform for marketing and business development.


The principal aims and objectives of Membership of the Forum are:
• To disseminate information and knowledge between practitioners in the development of built environment solutions for Higher Education.
• To ensure better working relations with policy makers related to architecture and the built environment of the Higher Education Estate
• To improve the performance of clients and design professionals to ensure that value for money, fitness for purpose and quality are achieved in the projects they undertake.
• To encourage clients and design professionals to understand and embrace strategic issues, to inform and improve specific project developments.
• To research the needs of building users and explore the success of projects, in order to influence future projects.
• To publicise successful schemes and highlight examples of good practice, as perceived by the client whilst exploring the implications of social, institutional and technological change.
• To influence those who commission buildings to appreciate long-term issues rather than short-term, low cost solutions.


The role of a Member requires a regular contribution to the aims and objectives of the HEDQF including supporting and contributing to the orchestration of events or publications.

Eligibility for Membership

Prospective Members shall be nominated by two existing members to be invited to become a member. Membership applications shall be reviewed by the Membership Group of the HEDQF and invited to attend the next Forum meeting, where s/he will be introduced to other Forum members and asked to describe his/her experience in a particular field, or engage in an aspect of the Forum’s work – for example, the organisation of a seminar or conference.


Membership will be open to individuals of Higher Education Institutions involved in Education Estate matters, Academics and Management with an interest in promoting good design in Higher Education, supporting the value of the Students Experience of Learning and the staff experience of the workplace.


Membership will be open to Architects and Built Environment Designers involved in the design and delivery of places for learning, with expertise and who are interested and active in Higher Education.


Membership will be open to other individuals and companies who are engaged in the high quality design and development of Education Estates who demonstrate a commitment to design quality and a contribution to the development of ideas and solutions to the advancement of design quality in Higher Education.


Membership will be available by invitation to organisations that have a role or connection to Higher Education.


International Membership will be encouraged from individuals and organisations that are engaged in Higher Education internationally where their inclusion in the Forum will benefit knowledge and understanding of the Higher Education built environment.


It is intended to maintain a 50/50 balance of equal member numbers from Academia and Institutions with Consultants and Companies involved in Higher Education.

Membership Classifications
Board Member
• Elected from the Membership

Founder Member
• Acknowledged contribution to the HEDQF
• Can use HEDQF logo on note-paper and web site
• Listed on the HEDQF web site.

• Membership will allow free access to meetings and events.
• Conferences and Seminars will be charged at a discounted rate.
• Members will be expected to attend and contribute to meetings.
• Members would be expected to demonstrate commitment to the Forum by attending at least 40% of all meetings arranged for the year.
• A colleague may represent individuals who cannot attend as and when appropriate. 
The Membership Group reserves the right to review all memberships on an annual basis.
Founder Members

Founder Membership of HEDQF is limited to higher education institutions and  companies who have a commitment to achieving high quality design in the university estate. HEDQF is a unique partnership and as such aims for a balance of membership between higher education and consultants/contractors.


HEDQF is pleased to acknowledge  the following universities and organisations,  whose  commitment, contribution and support has enabled us to strengthen and sustain the purpose and work of the HEDQF.


Higher Education Founder Members
Consultant / Contractor Founder Members

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